Invitation to tender for parish maintenance

The parish council is reviewing its arrangements for grass cutting, weed spraying and hedge trimming at locations inside the parish, and is inviting contractors to bid for the work. The work is made up of four separate jobs: weed spraying; grass cutting; hedge trimming; pruning. Applicants may tender for any or all of the individual pieces of work.

Full details of the bidding process including a specification and map of the areas to be maintained are available to download here:

MPC Tender Introduction Jan 2020

Explains how to make your bid and how the parish council will make its decision.


MPC Tender Appendix 1 Specification Jan 2020

Contract 3 Maps

Detailed listing of the specification with maps and photographs


MPC Tender Appendix 2 Social Value Jan 2020

Explains what social value is and how to include this in your bid


MPC Tender Appendix 3 Paths & Stiles Jan 2020

Listing of paths and stiles to be included, together with a map of the parish.


MPC Tender Contractor Return Jan 2020

You will need to complete and return this form with the tendered cost for each piece of work. If you need this document in Word format, please contact the Clerk’s Office.

The deadline for return of your bid is 31 January 2020.

Contact the parish clerk on 01579-342437 or email if you have any questions about the scope of work or the tendering process. [1/1/20]

Co-opting of new Parish Councillor

At its public meeting on 16 January 2020, councillors voted unanimously to co-opt Mr Pete Mulford  to serve as parish councillor until May 2021. All councillors welcome Pete and wish him well in his new role. [17/1/20]

Menheniot Boundary Review: Consultation closes 24 March 2020

Cornwall Council Extraordinary Meeting

On Tuesday 10 December, Cornwall councillors met for an extraordinary meeting to consider the recommendations of the Electoral Review Panel, and agree to take them forward for a formal consultation.

Although the Panel had met previously on 15 November when they agreed to support keeping the existing Menheniot boundary around Tencreek Farm, a late amendment to the full council meeting meant that there was a full debate on Liskeard Town Council’s original proposal to include Tencreek within its boundary.

Liskeard amendment agreed

Unfortunately for Menheniot, the amendment was supported by a majority of the Councillors present. This means that the consultation that launches shortly will include a boundary change that would move Tencreek Farm into Liskeard.

However, nothing else changes and the proposal does not include Bolitho Farm or the houses at Island Shop which will remain in Menheniot.

The parish council’s response

Councillors are disappointed that this amendment was carried in the meeting, and will be discussing it in full at their next public meeting on 16 January 2020. The parish council’s Boundary Review Working Group will be get together and pick over the minutes of that Cornwall meeting and take on board any comments you might make direct to us.

The consultation

Nothing will be finally decided by the Panel until these proposals have been put out for a full public consultation that will last 12 weeks (it closes on 11 March 2020). Once your Councillors have met and agreed what its strategy should be, we will publish a further newsletter with details of how you can best make your opinions known. [12/12/19]



Public Meeting Liskeard 23 Sep 2019

Last night, the Electoral Review Panel held its sixth public hearing as part of its own consultation with town and parish councils across the county.

Members of the panel hosted this event at the Liskeard Public Hall and heard summaries of submissions from Liskeard Town Council, Menheniot Parish Council, St Keyne Parish Council and Dobwalls & Trewidland Parish Council.

Acting on your behalf, the Chair of Menheniot Parish Council, Cllr Jerry Tucker presented this summary of the council’s submission., followed later by Cllr Eve Easterbrook who delivered this response on Liskeard’s submission. Liskeard Town Council subsequently sent in their own written reply to our presentation. Read it here. [20/10/19]


The latest We are Menheniot newsletter will be published shortly. In it, you’ll find details of what progress the Electoral Review Panel of Cornwall Council have made with our submission. We are also including a link to a summary of the Questions & Comments you made during our survey back in July. In total, we received almost 150 comments from you, and we can now publish the council’s answers in full. Download a copy here. [23/10/19]

Submission published

The final version of the parish council’s submission to Cornwall Council was approved by Menheniot councillors at their public meeting last week. You can download the complete version here. The submission consist of four separate documents: the main report and three appendices.

Governance Review Submission July 2019

Appendix 1 We are Menheniot final June 2019

Appendix 2 Shoppers Survey final June 2019

Appendix 3 Consultation & Engagement

Liskeard Town Council have also published their submission. Follow this link to view their report.

What happens next?

The Electoral Review Panel have from 18 July to 26 November 2019 to consider these submissions and formulate draft recommendations. The conclusions and advice will be available from 27 November 2019 onwards for comment through a public consultation. We will post updates on this website, and publish a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to here. (22/07/19)


Community Governance Review 2019

Cornwall Council is carrying out a review of parish council boundaries. This is happening across the county, and every parish council is obliged to consult with its own residents about whether or not they want theirs changed.

Liskeard Town Council wants to change its boundary with Menheniot, along the north-western part of the parish that would include the settlements of Bolitho Farm, Island Shop, Tencreek Farm, Tencreek Cottage, Cartuther Barton and Keyes. This would take out about 590 acres of housing and farmland from Menheniot, the equivalent of about 8% of all land in the parish. You can read about their proposals in Liskeard’s Notes  here and download a map here showing the areas that might be affected (Cloak Park is not included). At the Menheniot Annual Parish Meeting held on 9 May 2019, the Liskeard Town Clerk presented this statement.

Following representations to Liskeard, their proposals have been amended, and the land area and numbers of residents impacted has been reduced. You can visit their website here to download their maps and listing (20/06/19)


Annual Audit: Notice of Conclusion 2 September 2019

The annual return for the parish council has been returned by its external auditors after assessment and deemed to be satisfactory. Residents always have the opportunity to inspect the annual accounts of the council, and can do so Monday-Wednesday 9am to midday with prior notice. You can see the auditor’s certificate here, and read the documents (together with an Audit Explainer) here.



Report It

If you have problems with potholes or waste collection, bus shelters or planning, here’s a quick guide to who-does-what and how to take action.

CC REPORT IT BLUE MPC Report It-page-001

Menheniot Neighbourhood Development Plan 2017/18

In May 2017, the council appointed Steve Besford-Foster as project manager for the Menheniot neighbourhood plan. We are in process of setting up a steering group that will oversee the project, and engage with our residents to get the widest range of opinions on the plan. The steering group will be holding regular monthly meetings from September 2017 onwards. If you’d to stay connected to our work, send us an email and we will include you in our mailing list for bulletins. The plan has it’s own dedicated website. Visit it here, and bookmark it for future reference. You can also find us on social media. Search for #MenheniotPlan on Twitter or follow us on Facebook.

Menheniot Council Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to us and we take great care to protect it. We will only share your data in very specific circumstances when we have your consent. Follow this link to download the council’s General Privacy Notice. If you have any questions about the privacy of your personal data, contact the Data Protection Officer using this webform.



Menheniot (Cornish: Mahunyes) is a civil parish and village in Cornwall.  The meaning of the name is “sanctuary of Neot”.  The village has a primary school, a pub, a shop and a post office.

Groups & Activities

Details of the various groups operating and activities available in the parish can be found here.


Events going on in and around Menheniot parish are posted here