Poads Trust

The History of the Trust and its Management


History of the Henry Poad Trust:


The original deeds for the property that were to become the Poads Trust date from 1746, but the cottages were built in 1840, just before the mining established itself in the Parish.  Henry Poad of Trehawke Farm acquired the cottages and some land and in his will he left the cottages to the poor and deserving people of Menheniot, with the caveat that the properties would pass to the Parish Council on the death of his wife.  Mrs Poad died in 1949.  On the 16th October 1952, the legal instruments establishing the Henry Poad Trust were signed. 


Originally there were nine houses and a yard to the rear of the properties with out-houses, or linhays as they were referred to, for storing coal etc. Rents were five shillings and sixpence but this reflected the poor condition of the properties.  The lavatories in the yard were communal and rudimentary, but in 1959, three external flush toilets were installed.  Subsequently each property was to have its own internal lavatory as part of a fitted bathroom.  However, it was not until 1999 that most of the properties enjoyed a walk-in shower.  Since 2008 the Trustees have implemented a policy of upgrading the properties to a modern standard, including fitted kitchens, walk-in showers and modernised bathroom.  In addition the exterior of the Almshouses are being maintained to a modern standard with windows and doors being double-glazed and lofts being provided with eco-levels of insulation.  This modernisation and upgrade programme will continue until all properties enjoy a modern level of amenity.


In 1966 the Trust joined the Almshouses Association and the following year the Trustees sold some land, took out a mortgage and benefitting from grants and upgraded the properties.  This work was completed in August 1970.  There has been a continuing programme of improvement and maintenance to the present day.   The character of the cottages will be maintained externally (the Poads Trust properties are listed), but they will be modernised and enhanced as money and opportunity permits.



The Henry Poad Trust


The Trust is managed in accordance with the legally constituted provisions of the Trust and the Charity Commission.  The Trust is required to report the financial and administrative state of the Trust to the Commissioners once a year.  The Trust submits audited accounts, a copy of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Trust and reports any changes of the Trustees or the Clerk to the Trustees. 




Almshouses are unfurnished dwellings, specifically designed around the needs of older people.  The aim is to provide convenient and comfortable accommodation in a setting that allows the residents to come and go as they please.  The Poads Trust Almshouses provide a good degree of joint and individual security.  The Poads Trust properties enjoy the services of a resident Warden and each Almshouse has access to the Trust’s emergency call system, plus access to Cornwall Careline.  The emergency call systems allows each resident, in an emergency or in the event of sudden illness or after a fall, to call for medical/physical/personal help. 



The Poad Trust Objectives:


The Trustee’s objective is and remains the provision and maintenance of the Almshouses for persons in need (financial, physical or medical) who are residents of the parish of Menheniot. The overwhelming majority of applicants for houses or apartments are retired persons. However, the Trustees do consider applications from younger single persons or from residents out-with the parish to maintain continuity of occupation.