There are 30 footpaths within the parish officially recognised and supported by Cornwall Council. Maintenance is normally the responsibility of Cornwall Council but the Parish Council (as at April 2012) currently carries out any work required.

You can access a map of all of the footpaths on the Cornwall Council web site here:

Some of the paths are no longer used – and one or two can’t even be found! A number have been cut in two by the A38 dual carriage-way. Many will have been routes to work when many people didn’t have cars and had to walk to the local centres and places of work. We are hoping to provide a more detailed map of most of them in the future.

There is a circular walk from Menheniot. A downloadable PDF version is available by clicking on this link: Menheniot circular walk.  It was created by Martin Turner. Martin was a parish councillor and for several years, Footpaths Officer. Many thanks Martin.

A list of all the footpaths in the Parish links to a map of each of them.