Panto auditions 8th December

Nov 25, 2013

The auditions for this year’s Panto will be held at the Old School at 2.00 pm and is for the main parts. Those who don’t want a speaking part can come along to the first rehearsal on Saturday 28th at 2.00 pm. There will also be a music rehearsal on Sunday 29th.

The main parts are as follows:

Scheherazade, The storyteller
Ali Baba
Mum Baba (ie the Dame)
Safiya, principal girl
Cassim, Ali’s richer brother
Sharon, Cassim’s wife
Huma, Safiya’s younger sister
Sheikh Mustafa Leikh, the chief thief
Yessah and Nossah, the blundering lieutenants
Fab Rick, a tailor
Loonah, Moonah and Noonah, Mum Baba’s friends

It’s not clear as yet who exactly will be needed to sing solos, duets etc, but Cassim will certainly have his fair share, and there is a lot of scope for some of the cast to do two parts eg villager then thief. Also Loonah and co. plus Fab Rick only appear in Act 2 so they could easily be villagers/thieves to begin with. Oh and we need a camel!

Please contact Chris James (01579347462 or for further information.