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CAMP production ‘When we are married’ – WMN review

Nov 26, 2013

“The classic J B Priestley comedy will complete a successful autumn run with performances at the very eastern and western ends of Cornwall this week. Smug in their successful lives, the men bluster over port and cigars while their wives perch on the sofa like three contented hens, at ease with life and their elevated status. Nothing could possibly alter their blissful situation. Or could it?Right from the word go the characters are quickly defined, a sign of a great cast well into their stride, and Chloe Carrubba starts the comic ball...

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Panto auditions 8th December

Nov 25, 2013

The auditions for this year’s Panto will be held at the Old School at 2.00 pm and is for the main parts. Those who don’t want a speaking part can come along to the first rehearsal on Saturday 28th at 2.00 pm. There will also be a music rehearsal on Sunday 29th. The main parts are as follows: Scheherazade, The storyteller Ali Baba Mum Baba (ie the Dame) Safiya, principal girl Cassim, Ali’s richer brother Sharon, Cassim’s wife Huma, Safiya’s younger sister Sheikh Mustafa Leikh, the chief thief Yessah and Nossah, the...

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Camp tour – ‘When we are married’

Nov 18, 2013

Menheniot’s own CAMP theatre company are touring with their current production, JB Priestly’s ‘When we are married’. If you missed them last week-end (and they were brilliant), you can catch them at one of 5 other local and semi-local venues. The details can be found below and on the attached show and tour leaflet (PDF file) at the bottom Three respectably married Northern couples meet to celebrate their Silver Wedding anniversaries in the early years of the twentieth century. However, before celebrations take place,...

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