Report Menheniot Parish Council Meeting 15th May 2014

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Present:   Ten Councillors.   One Apology.   County Councillor.   Parish Clerk.

Declaration of Members Interest.   No declaration of members interests.

Election of Chairman    The chairman was re-elected

Appointment of Council Officers    Members were appointed to various positions.

Public Participation   One member of the public spoke about his planning application (PA14/03422) to demolish existing house and to rebuild a better home for his family.   There had been support from neighbours.   Another member of the public spoke against the planning application (PA14/03735) at Chy Wheal Honey.   It was agreed to have a site meeting.   The secretary of the Horticulture Show asked if a memorial bench could be donated from the show proceeds and located in the recreation field, she was open to suggestions.   Another member of the public spoke about the late Taff Lewis  and suggested that money be raised to purchase a public access defibrillator in memory of Mr Lewis and asked if the Parish Council would make a donation toward the cost of the equipment .   Training could be provided for its use and it would need to be located in the centre of the village.   At the end of four years the contract can be extended.    All members backed this proposal.

Matters arising from the Minutes

Bus Routes   On going.

Old School Cottages   On going

Neighbourhood Plan and Localism Act   The Chairman and Vice-chairman are composing letters and questionnaires and examples will be distributed for comments.   They will also be attending a meeting at Luxstowe House on Monday 19th May with the Liskeard Neighbourhood Plan Group.   Designs are being looked at for the content of the Parish Council Website.

Poppies for 100th Anniversary World War One   The poppies are growing and a councillor is watering and maintaining the troughs around the war memorial.

Tennis Court Extension   On going.

Playground Inspection    A councillor has ordered shackles for theplayground swings, some platforms need replacing and the inspector has recommended chequer plate aluminium be used.

Menheniot School Co-operative Trust   The aim of the Trust is for the schools involved to help each other by working together to gain mutual benefits and this is what is happening.    It has been noted that one of the trees on the school premises due to adverse wind conditions has blown over.   The Parish Clerk to write to the school suggesting they consider having the tree inspected.

Pesticide Spraying   On going.   The County Councillor to find out about any updates.

Tree Inspections   A Councillorraised concerns over assessments being made prior to projects being undertaken.   The chairman asked the person who had initially raisedconcerns about the trees in the Merrymeet Communal Area to do a tree inspection and report.   The Chairman also asked other contractors for additional opinions, they also proposed the removal of dead trees and the pruning of boughs from the other trees.    A meeting was called on May14th with the residents of Merrymeet to discuss the issues and the action needed to be taken.  The Chairman to contact Cornwall County arborist.   The issues such as traffic management and bird nesting will need to be taken into consideration, also if felling licenses need to be obtained.   It was suggested that the area concerned be closed until the problem is resolved.   The Chairman declared an interest and he will send out information to Parish Council members for them to vote as to who will be asked to do the work.   A Councillor suggested that a sign stating the dangers, also a report would be needed saying that the site is not safe, then the playground can be closed.   The Vice-Chairman will inform the Chairman of Merrymeet Residents Association of this and a no entry sign is to be sourced.

Mobile Libraries    On going.

William Laundry Close   The Chairman is to discuss the criteria for naming roads with the developers of the site.


E mail   From the Methodist Church thanking Council for the donation and they expressed their understanding for the reasons behind moving the location of Council meetings.

Letter   From St Lalluwy Graveyard Committee thanking Council for their continued support for the upkeep of the graveyards.   It was agreed by Council to give a donation as per previous year.

Letter    From a person at Merrymeet thanking the Chairman for meeting him regarding the trees on the bank of Merrymeet Communal area, he was pleased that a compromise had been reached regarding the action needed.

Letter   Received via Sheryll Murray MP from Nick Boles MP regarding Neighbourhood Planning Support.   The letter   to be scanned and e mailed to members of Council.

Quote   Received from a planning solicitor for work to assist in Neighbourhood Plan.   County Councillor to supply details of another person to contact for a quote.


Planning Working Party   PA14/03735 Conversion of redundant stables as self catering Holiday Unit, Chy Wheal Honey, Pengover Green.   It was decided to have a site visit before a decision is made on this application.   PA14/03422  Demolition and rebuild of The Greenhouse, Lower Clicker Road, Menheniot.   No objections to this application.

Parish Paths Working Party   Paths Working Party members to agree on work to be done.   Footpaths are currently cut once a year, it was suggested whether more maintenance be done on popular paths.

Other Agenda Items 

Chairman’s Agenda Items

Two local gardeners have been asked to give quotes to cut the grass on Mine Hill Bank.

Members Agenda Items

School Bike Rack   A councillor raised the issue of children riding their bikes to Menheniot School, there wasn’t a bike rack.   Another councillor raised the schools concern over the cricket pitch access road.

Cherry Fayre   On behalf of the Cherry Fayre Committee a councillor asked for permission from the Parish Council to use the recreation field on 14th June.   Volunteers are needed for overseeing the road closure for the Carnival.

Royal Marines   On 6th June between 2 and 3 pmthe Royal Marines will be running through Menheniot.   Acouncillor asked for suggestions for showing Council’s support i.e. bunting, flags etc.   The Royal Marines will be raising money for their charity and Council agreed to make a donation.

Potholes   A Councillor raised the continuing issue with potholes in the roads.

Public Participation   A councillor suggested that to encourage the public to attend the whole of Council meetings public participation should be moved to the end of the meeting.

Defibrillator   The cost to purchase a defibrillator was discussed and it was agreed that the Parish Council would donate the full amount.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 19th June 2014.   The Old School Menheniot at 7.30 pm.

Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings they can speak, if they wish, during public participation.