Report Menheniot Parish Council Meeting 20th March 2014

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Present:    Seven Councillors.   Three Apologies.   Parish Clerk.   County Councillor.

Declaration of Members Interest      No declaration of members interests

Public Participation   The Gardening Club  have plans for the planting of poppy seeds and offered to liaise with the  Women’s Institute regarding the village green planting of poppy seeds and with the British Legion, suggestions were made to scatter seeds on Mine hill bank and other banks in the village.   Other members of the public were present to discuss and listen to the proposal of a transit Traveller’s site at Horningtops.    It was stated that such a site should not be near a major road, landfill site, and train track but the proposed site at Horningtops would be in close proximity to all of these and the health and safety issues would be a major concern.    A public consultation meeting

will be held in Liskeard.   The County Councillor said if people had concerns to e-mail him or go to the County Council website.  Local residents and schools would be notified directly by letters, it was suggested that if residents had concerns they should set up a local action group.   It was stressed that guidance has to be taken from the Planning Guidelines, the Parish Council are unable to deal with this until the Planning Application has been submitted.

New Councillor   Questions were put to a person who expressed an interest to be a Parish Councillor.  A vote was

taken and Mrs Sally Kendall was accepted onto the Parish Council with a unanimous vote

Matters arising from the minutes                                                                                                                             

Bus Routes    Correspondence was read out regarding the new bus timetable effective from 31st March 2014.  There will be a bus service from Monday to Friday, but the Saturday service is cancelled.   The supported services are being re-tendered and after 1st June there may be further revisions.

Old School Cottages   On going.

Neighbourhood and Localism Act   Roadshows are to be arranged, first at Merrymeet and than at Menheniot

Mine Hill Trees   The bank has been replanted

Tennis Court Extension   On going.   Coodes drawing up supplementary lease agreement.

Clicker Notice Board   The Sportsmans Arms have requested an outdoor notice board and they have been asked to source this themselves

Playground Inspection   It was decided to replace the damaged swings and a councillor is to investigate.   The ROSPA

Inspection report will be used as a template for the weekly inspection.

Menheniot School Co-operative Trust   Some children from Menheniot School with staff and volunteer helpers visited Liskeard School and Community College for a fair-trade Day which was about promoting the Co-operative values.   The ICT provision at the school has been looked at so that the school as a Co-operative Trust can participate in some educational research and staff development and with other schools in the Trust can look at how ICT can be taken forward across the Trust.  Modern Foreign languages have also received funding from the Trust.

Salt Bins   It was resolved that as the weather conditions have not needed the use of salt, this will be discussed in readiness for next winter.

Pesticide Spraying   There has not been an update from Cornwall Council on this matter.


Letter  from Cornwall Rural housing Association re-construction of 18 homes adjacent to William Laundry Close.   The chairman advised that Councillors look at the Street naming policy on Cornwall Council’s website before discussing further.

E-mail   from What’s on in Cornwall requesting information on up-coming events for the website.

Letter from Cornwall County Playing Field Association requesting a donation.   It was decided that additional information be found out about this charity prior to making a decision

E-mail  received regarding Community Rights to bid properties such as local shop, pub, sports areas, library etc.

Invitation  from Cornwall Council to a ` Landscape guidance for wind and solar development`  training session.  

E-mail to be sent stating members interested in attending.

E-mail  from the chairman of the Parish Plan Group requesting information and background knowledge on the Holy Well prior to him requesting quotes from contractors.  

Correspondence  from Cornwall Council regarding proposed submission document for Cornwall Local Plan.   Strategic Policies

E-mail  from Menheniot Sports Association requesting support for their application for grant funding to improve the kitchen and dining area at the Sports Pavillion.   It was agreed that the Clerk write and confirm the Parish Councils support.

E-mail  reminding Councillors of the forthcoming charity barn dance in the Parish Hall on 4th April.


Planning Working Party  PA14/00850 Chy Wheal Honey, Pengover green. Certificate 0f Lawfulness in respect of land use as part of domestic cartilage of dwelling.  Response submitted.   PA13/01288 Erection of wind turbine at Tregrill. Response submitted.    PA14/01991 Sewerage improvement works, Menheniot.   The information regarding this planning application to be circulated so that a decision can be made.

Parish Plan Working Party   Annual General Meeting.  The Chairman of the Parish Plan Group gave a report.  Some play equipment for the children which can be brought out and used when needed on the village green is on order and the shed to store the equipment has now been fitted.   Meetings have been held with the residents of Mine Hill Estate regarding Trelawny Road Garden, they agreed with the design, three quotes are to be obtained and two funding applications are to be written.   The Willow Garden on the cricket ground extension won an award for the “Best Ecological Initiative” in the Cornwall in Bloom Competition.   The wildflower beds in the living willow area have been prepared for poppy seeds to be planted for the national commemoration of the start of the First World War.  Traffic Calming is under review.   Improvement to the Holy Well, which is an Historic Monument, is being looked into.

Other Agenda Items

Members Agenda Items

Mobile Library   A councillor read out Cornwall Council proposals for changes to the Mobile Library Service.  There is a consultation period and information will be posted on the Parish website and notice boards.

Chairman’s Agenda Items

Tree Inspections  The Chairman mentioned the necessity to establish which trees are owned by the Parish Council as an inspection report needs to be done.

Meeting Room   It was proposed that the meeting venue be changed to the Old School and a letter be sent to the Methodist Church thanking them for their help to the Council over many years.   It was also suggested that advice and information be passed to the Methodist Church regarding grant applications for improvements.

Community Benefits   A query has arisen regarding the community benefits allocation for the Trehawle wind turbine development.   The County Councillor will investigate what has happened regarding the Trethawle community benefit and how it has been allocated.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 24th April 2014, The Old School Menheniot at 7.30 pm

Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings they can speak, if they wish, during public participation.