Report of Menheniot Parish Council Meeting 10th July 2014

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Present:   Eight Councillors.    Two Apologies.   County Councillor.   Parish Clerk.

Declaration of Members Interests   The chairman declared an interest regarding the planning application for the Travellers Transit site.

Public Participation  A member of the public expressed an interest in applying to be a member of the Parish Council.

He was co-opted after the chairman explained the responsibilities and workload involved.    The Parish Clerk to arrange for the Acceptance form and Register of Interest forms to be completed and signed.

Other members of the public present were there regarding the Travellers Transit site.  This item on the agenda was brought forward and the chairman left the room.   The history of the site was explained and the application discussed in detail, it was stressed that comments made would have to be based on planning issues.   The Vice-Chairman explained that the deadline had been extended to July 23rd and submissions can be made on line as well as in writing.   Letters were read out from the public expressing their concerns, and once again the County Councillor stated that some of the reasons given would not be considered by Cornwall Councils planning department.  Health and Safety issues were discussed, also the vehicle access and A38 junction.

Matters arising from the minutes

Bus Routes   The County Councillor and a Parish Councillor to investigate the current situation.

Neighbourhood and Localism Act   Meetings are being held with Voice regarding the website build.   Facebook and Twitter accounts will also be developed.   Volunteers will be needed for letter and questionnaire drops.

Playground Inspection    It was agreed that the aluminium panels for the playground equipment be fitted, it was also agreed to purchase a litter bin and special keys for the nuts and bolts on the equipment.

Menheniot School Co-operative Trust   The schools involved are building links, developing the effectiveness of resource use and working together to provide high quality teaching and training.

Pesticide Spraying   On going.

Tree Inspections   A councillor is to sort out quotes.   On going.

Mobile Libraries   On going

William Laundry Close   Road names were discussed, it was agreed that Shirian Park be submitted.

Salt Bins    A quote to be obtained to provide salt to top up salt bins

Recreation Field.   Another football team has asked if they can use the football pitch next season along with St Neot Football Club.  It was decided that this extra use would need ground care throughout the season and this would be the responsibility of the Sports Association.   The Sports Association to be informed.  The hedge around the field is to be cut.

Public Toilets    Still waiting for the quote for the work needing to be done.

Tencreek Development   the chairman has made enquiries regarding the developers plans as this will have an impact on our Neighbourhood Plan.


Letter   from Chacewater Parish Council expressing their concerns with the operations of Cornwall Council.   The chairman declared an interest and left the room.   It was agreed that Chacewater Parish Council’s aims and objectives needed to be ascertained and, may be, arrange a meeting with them to discuss further.


Planning Working Party   PA14/03849 proposed livestock shed A and alterations to existing agricultural access Torr Farm Menheniot.   PA14/03847 proposed livestock shed B and alterations to existing agricultural access Torr Farm Menheniot.   PA14/03848  proposed fodder store and alterations to existing agricultural access Torr Farm Menheniot

PA14/05783   partial change of use of agricultural building.  Land at Crossways  Menheniot.   The Parish Council supported these four applications.

Parish Plan Working Party   grant funding has been granted.

Parish Paths Working Party   a meeting to be arranged to look at maps and walks suggested.

Other Agenda Items

Old Chapel   the County Councillor was asked to report this building to Cornwall Council as it is dangerous

Mine Hill Bank   The submitted quotes are felt to be too high, now to look at renegotiating for three cuts and the pruning of the bushes

Members Agenda Items   all matters had been covered in the above items..

Any other business   there was no other business.

Date of next meeting   Thursday 18th September 2014,   The Old School Menheniot at 7.30 pm.   Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings they can speak, if they wish, during public participation.