Report of Menheniot Parish Council Meeting 13th November 2014

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Present:    Eight Councillors.   Three Apologies.    Parish Clerk.   County Councillor.

Declaration of Members Interests    Four councillors expressed interests

Public Participation   A representative from The Cornwall Wild Trust gave a presentation regarding water pollution in the East Looe and Seaton valley.   As prompted and supported by DEFRA, farmers and communities are being consulted and advised as to how improvements can be made.

The chairman of the Parish Plan group gave a report on the working party of the group.  

Matters arising from the minutes  

Old School Cottages   Ongoing

Neighbourhood and Localism Act   Pamphlets and questionnaires are to be devised.   Another councillor is now involved in the project group and a member of the public has also expressed an interest.   Grant funding has been applied for.

Tree Inspections   Gathering of inspection quotes to be carried out as soon as possible for the trees at Merrymeet and the two oak trees in the recreation field in Menheniot

Salt Bins   The chairman is investigating buying salt by the tonne and considering self filling.   All bins checked so far are about three quarters full.

Holy Well   The Chairman of the Parish Plan group has made contact with English heritage and the planning department of Cornwall Council regarding undertaking a project to stop leaves blocking the drains.

Old Chapel   The County Councillor to find out who needs to be informed about reporting the unsafe condition of the building.


Letter  from Cornwall Air Ambulance requesting a donation, it was agreed to give a donation.

Letter  from Sheryll Murray MP informing council of Commonwealth Day 9th March 2015 and whether council  would fly the Commonwealth flag.   The Parish clerk to enquire cost and to find out about taking part

Letter  from Young People Cornwall, a charity delivering youth work services, requesting a meeting with Council to discuss opportunities within the community.   The Parish Clerk to ask if they would like to attend the next Council meeting.

Email   from Merrymeet and Pengover Residents Association requesting a donation for their Christmas Tree, it was agreed to give a donation

Email   requesting a donation for the Christmas Tree for Menheniot village, it was agreed to give a donation.

Letter   from Menheniot Parish Hall Committee requesting money to cover the shortfall due to unexpected expense of replacing electrics and the main consumer box for the kitchen when doing Parish Hall improvements.   It was agreed by Council give an amount.

Email   from Headway Cornwall, a charity which supports brain injury survivors and their families.   It was agreed to give a donation.


Planning   PA 14/010373 Tregartha Farm, Pengover.  Conversion and use of barn as residential dwelling.  PA14/09721  2 Tresulgan Barns. Tresulgan Farm, Liskeard Road, Horningtops. Proposed extension to kitchen and dining room.   PA14/10433  7 Vicarage Close, Menheniot.  Erection of two storey rear extension.

Due to deadline dates, all of these applications will be emailed to council members, comments are requested.

Trelawny Road Garden   This project is progressing well, the Cornish hedge is nearly complete and the pathways will start next week.   The planting out phase will start in the New Year.  The opening ceremony will be in July 2015.

Sports Association  were successful with their application for funding to install solar panels on the pavilion roof

Other Agenda Items

Members Agenda Items

Allotments   Concerns were raised over three allotments which are not being properly utilised and maintained.   Rent payment letters to be sent out.

Remembrance Sunday   It was decided to give a donation to Parkinson’s Disease as a token of appreciation to Mrs A Cole for bringing her horse Sam to the service, representing War Horses.

Any other business   There was no other business.   


Date of next meeting

Thursday 15th January 2015. The Old School, Menheniot at 7.30 pm.

Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings they can speak, if they wish, during public participation