Report of Menheniot Parish Council Meeting 15th January 2015

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Report of Menheniot Parish Council Meeting 15th January 2015

Present:   Five Councillors.   Parish Clerk.

Declaration of Members Interests   No declaration of member’s interest

Public Participation   A representative from the Young People Cornwall charity gave an overview of what they can offer young people in Cornwall and how they get involved with Neighbourhood Planning.   The charity can offer support and advice regarding legislation for youth clubs and can also assist when applying for grants, the charity receive funding from sources such as the Big Lottery and Comic Relief.   Reference was made as to how they will be affected by the Cornwall Council budget cuts and the funding reduction for the youth in Cornwall.

A representative from Menheniot Parish Church presented a report detailing the breakdown of expenses associated with the church improvements project and stated that professional advice had been sought with the project planning.   The Parish Council were asked if they would support funding the shortfall.   The chairman stated that there would be a rationalisation of donations given and as not all council members were present a decision could not be made at this meeting.

The only applicant for the Parish Council clerk vacancy attended the meeting and gave an overview of past work experience, especially within local government and public services.    He stated that he wanted to be more active in the community and had already expressed an interest in being involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.   It was decided by council to offer him the position and a meeting would be set up to arrange the handover.

Matters arising from the minutes

Old School Cottages   On going

Neighbourhood and Localism Act   On going

Tree Inspections   Inspection to be done by the area Chairman for the Arborist Association next Wednesday.

Salt Bins   The chairman has received a complaint that the salt bin at Pengover is nearly empty.   It appears that the amount of salt used has not been properly measured resulting in too much being spread.   Instructions are to be put on bins as to how much is needed to avoid this happening again.

Holy Well   The drain has been cleared at the Holy Well but there appears to be a blockage further down near to the junction to Factory.   This will need to be actioned by Cormac.

Old Chapel   An inspection of this property has been made but the Chairman and the Clerk have responded back to Cornwall Council with concerns over aspects which do not seem to have been addressed.


Letter   from Cornwall Blind Association requesting a donation.   It was decided to wait until a policy is set on percentages of donations allocated before anymore are given.   The clerk to send out to members a breakdown of donations given this last financial year.

Letter   from SSE Enterprise informing customers of their new trading name.

Letter and Flyers   from Channel 4 TV Company looking for people to take part in a new TV programme.   Flyers to be put in notice board and shop.

E mail   from a person from the Travelling Diner requesting changing his location near the Parish Hall to near the Church.    Agreed

E mail   from Cornwall for Change  informing members of a meeting to be held on Wednesday 11th February 2015 at Kingsley Village, Fraddon.


Planning   PA14/12061 Cartuther Cottage, Menheniot.   Proposed bedroom and living room extension.

PA14/11436 Tregondale Farm, Menheniot.   Proposed erection of agricultural building.  

Both these applications were supported.

The chairman referred to the Appeal made against the second refusal of the wind turbine at Tregril and explained the situation.

Parish Plan   On going

Parish Paths   On going

Members Agenda Items

Allotments    Letter to be drafted for the allotments holders who are not complying with their rental agreement.   Rent request letters have been sent to other allotment holders.

Public Toilets   Maintenance work to be carried out to one of the sinks.

Any Other Business   There was no other business.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 19th February 2015.   The Old School, Menheniot at 7.30 pm.

Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings they can speak, if they wish, during public participation.