Report of Menheniot Parish Council Meeting 16th October 2014

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Present:     Seven Councillors.    Four Apologies.    Parish Clerk.   County Councillor.

Declaration of Members Interests    No declaration of member’s interests.

Public Participation     Thirteen members of the public were present at the meeting.   The chairman stated to the allotment holders that the Parish Council were continuing to look into the matter of the scoping application and a planning solicitor had been approached to give advice.  The applicants were present at the meeting and asked for information, opinions and questions from the allotment holders.   It was stated that no decision would be made until formal application had been received.   An allotment association has been formed and a draft constitution is being drawn up.    Free legal advice has been offered from the National Allotment Association.   A discussion over the demand for allotments took place, it was mentioned that some allotments needed tidying up.   Allotments have to be of a certain size and land offered to replace them needs to be the same standard and quality.   The chairman referred to the Neighbourhood Plan and the part the people in the parish would have on the future of the parish, including planning proposals and applications.   Planning advice would be needed for this element.

A member of the public expressed her concerns about building works at Chy Wheal Honey.   The stack is Grade 2 Work is being done to a barn to accommodate a boat, the public member was concerned over the height of the building now being altered.

She was asked to monitor the situation and pass the information on to the Cornwall Council enforcement officer.

She also mentioned that the Horticulture Show committee would like to donate a memorial bench to be included in the Trelawny garden project, and she was asked to liaise with project manager.

Matters Arising from the Minutes

Bus Routes   On going

Old School Cottages   On going

Neighbourhood and Localism Act   A draft of the first few pages of our new Neighbourhood Planning website was handed out, these pages are important and feedback was asked for as the wording needs to be agreed

Playground Inspection   Bolts are being sourced

Menheniot School Co-operative Trust   On going.

Tree Inspections   Arborists association members will inspect the trees once the leaves have finished falling.

Mobile Libraries   The mobile libraries are now down to one vehicle.

Salt Bins   Buying salt by the tonne is being investigated.   Councillors are checking the bins at various points in the parish.

Recreation Field   The hedge has now been cut on the field.

Public Toilets   The toilets have now been painted and signs are being sourced.

Holy Well   The Holy Well has now been cleaned and the drainage will be investigated by Cormac with a camera as a community project.


Letter   from Cornwall Wildlife Trust requesting attendance at one of the Parish Council meetings to discuss a new project to improve the water quality in the Seaton valley and the bathing beaches.    The Parish Clerk to liaise with the trust and arrange for them to come to the next Parish Council meeting.

Email   from Headway Cornwall, a charity which supports brain injury survivors and their families.   The parish clerk to send the email out to councillors for discussion at the next meeting.

Email   from Cornwall Council concerning the name for the William Laundry Development.   “Park an Keres” was agreed as this was the translation recommended by the Cornwall Language Partnership.

Email    from Menheniot Sports Association requesting a donation for the pavilion solar panel project.   A breakdown of figures to be requested from the Association,


Planning   PA14/08562 Little Trethew Barn, Horningtops.  Revision of planned access on to road.   Background information was given on the planning application for the whole site.   The Parish Council to submit concerns over visibility and speed of traffic on this stretch of road.

Other Agenda Items

Chairman’s Agenda Items  

Old Chapel Building   Letter needs to be written to the Environmental department stating the dangerous state of the building and a copy to be sent to Richard Williams, Chief Legal Officer.   Liaise with County Councillor.

Members Agenda Items

Christmas Meal   To be held at the White Hart, Menheniot, in December.

Remembrance Sunday   All members are requested to attend this service on Sunday 9th November 2014.

Any Other Business    There was no other business

Date of Next Meeting

Thursday  13th November 2014.  The Old school, Menheniot, at 7.30 pm.

Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings they can speak, if they wish, during public participation.