Report of Menheniot Parish Council meeting 18th September 2014

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Present :   Seven Councillors.   Four apologies.   Parish Clerk. 12 members of the public.


2 members declared an interest in 2 items to be discussed.


Allotment holders attended this meeting to express their concerns and anger over a pre-application from the land owners to build houses on some of the allotment land. They were extremely annoyed that the Parish Council had not disclosed this information. It was explained that an informal meeting had been held in July about this matter and the subsequently the Chairman instigated a thorough search of all relevant materials regarding this problem including minutes, Cornwall Council archives, and our Solicitors to see where we stand as we as a council are totally against this potential proposal a letter was received from the land owner’s solicitor at the beginning of September detailing aproposed application. It had been decided that further investigation and legal advice needed to be obtained before necessary notification and action taken. References were made by the Chairman to the Allotments Acts and the Localism Act. The Parish Council were then questioned as to why they had not been informed earlier when a pre application had been submitted and put on the Cornwall Council web site in May. The Chairman explained that the Parish Council are only notified when the formal application is submitted as the pre-app is a scoping process and some applications are therefore never submitted due to the advice given by Cornwall Council. The Chairman asked for the copy of the pre-app and would investigate further as to the advice given by the planning officer. It was noted that better communication requested by the allotment holders and the Chairman re-iterated that all necessary facts and information was being collated so that an informed decision can be made as to the next action required. He also stated that the Parish Council want to ensure that the village is “looked after” and with the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, this would enable the Parish Council to be more defined and empowered with future planning applications. The letter from the agent of the applicants sent the council a letter Scoping our approval which was show to the public at the meeting.

One member of the public had attended this meeting to express her concerns about building works that were being undertaken at Chy Wheal Honey, after planning application PA14/03735 had been refused.

One member of the public attended the meeting as she had written to the Parish Council requesting a donation for “match funding” needed for the Old School improvements project.


Bus Routes

On going.

Old School Cottages

On going.

Neighbourhood and Localism Act

On going.

Playground Inspection

The 4 chequer aluminium plate panels for the playground equipment are now in place as is the new waste bin. It has been noted that some adults have been using the children’s play equipment and also dogs have been allowed into this area also. A councillor has received verbal abuse when challenging people over these issues and it was decided that a new sign be put up covering these issues. The councillor noted that some of the nuts and bolts on the equipment are rusty and he was authorised to get them replaced. A member of public has complained about dogs barking at a premises adjacent to the recreational field but this could not be addressed by the Parish Council as this is and environmental and noise issue.

Menheniot School Co-operative Trust

There were no updates due to the school summer holiday.

Pesticide spraying

It was agreed to ask Mr R Craig to provide quotes for this job.

Tree Inspections

The Chairman informed the members that a Code of Conduct complaint had been made regarding his handling of this matter but the complaint had not been withheld. The Chairman then went on to stress the importance of the Code of Conduct training. The vice chairman will be organising the tree inspections.

Mobile Libraries

The mobile libraries are now down to one vehicle.

William Laundry Close

Investigation to be made into the issue of mud on the road.

Salt Bins

On going.

Recreational Field

The hedge has now been cut on the field.

Public Toilets

The toilets have now been painted but the signs will need replacing.

Tencreek Development

This would be discussed within the Neighbourhood Plan.

Holy Well

Contractors are to clear the Holy Well on Tuesday 23rd September the Cormac will be able to put a camera down there to investigate further.


1. Letter read out from Mr R Craig, secretary of Menheniot Parish Hall thanking the Parish Council for the donation towards the refurbishment

2. Letter read out from Menheniot Parochial Church Council requesting a donation towards the restoration of the church windows and the reordering of the back of the church. A few concerns were raised regarding this and it was decided that further information needed to be obtained before decision made.


PA14/07250 Alterations to bay window at front of property. 10 Trelawny Road, Menheniot.

PA14/03360 Construction of agricultural and equine building with sand school and yard. Trehurst Farm, Menheniot

PA14/08263 Construction of porch and enlargement of outbuilding. Island Shop Cottage, Liskeard

All the above plans were supported by the Parish Council.

2.Parish Plan Working Party

Work to be started on Trelawny Garden.

3. Parish Paths Working Party

Areas have been strimmed, cleared and sorted. Only 1 cut a year to be allowed.


1.Chairman’s Agenda Items

No item raised.

2.Financial Report

Members were informed of a closing bank balance of £101544.69. Budgeted figures for donations to be reviewed.

3.Members Agenda Items

A councillor raised the issue of the Hartmeade bungalows being built on allotment area. The minutes of the Parish Council to be investigated for circa 1960.

Volunteers were invited to attend the Cherry Fayre committee meeting on 1st October 2014 7.30pm in the White Hart.


There was no other business.


Thursday 16th October  2014, The Old School Menheniot 19.30.