Report of Menheniot Parish Council Meeting 19th June 2014

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Present:   Nine Councillors.   One Apology.   County Councillor.   Parish Clerk.

Declaration of Members Interest   No declaration of members interest.

Public Participation   Representatives from the Travelling Diner asked for permission to operate in the village one night per week.   There were no objections and the location by theVillage/Parish Hall was suggested on Thursday evenings.

The chairman of the Parish Plan group gave a report saying he had spoken to the contractors regarding Trelawny Road Garden with the view to starting phase 1 in mid July.   Once the project has started he will contact the local residents with the view of creating a Residents Association to look after the garden.  Phase 2 to start in December with a completion in January 2015.   He will have an on-site meeting at the Holy Well with a consultant who will provide technical guidance and a detailed drawing, but before a full survey can be carried out the walls need to be clear of sludge and rubbish.  Three quotes are being obtained from cleaning contractors.  It was suggested that a resident be contacted for his expertise on dowsing.

Matters arising from the minutes

Bus Routes   At present a temporary bus service is operating until a new operator if found.

Neighbourhood and Localism Act   The Voice Group will be designing the Parish Council Website.   Facebook and Twitter accounts will be set up and a grant is being applied for.   The chairman asked for help from members for the road shows and public consultation.

Poppies for 100th Anniversary World War One   The poppies are growing and flowering.

Tennis Court Extension   The supplementary lease has been issued and a grant is being applied for by the Sports Association.

Playground Inspection   The trees at Merrymeet recreation area have been dealt with. The chairman will liaise with the Vice Chairman to get an inspection regime put in place.

Menheniot School Co-operation Trust   The co-operation trust continues to be working for all parties concerned.

The fallen tree in the school grounds has now been removed.

Pesticide Spraying    One person attended a course on working on or near to roads (CH 8 ).   The County Councillor stated that Cornwall Council have not issued a policy on using pesticides to treat weeds as they no longer offer this service for free and Councils will be charged if their agents do the work .

Tree Inspections   Two trees in the recreation field need dead wooding, quotes are needed.

Mobile Libraries    The County Councillor stated that the advisory committee has suggested the option of ceasing all mobile libraries, this will now go to Cabinet.

William Laundry Close   Cornwall Rural Housing Association has issued posters advising the public of an information event on Tuesday 22nd July from 2 pm to 7 pm at the Parish Hall, Menheniot.  A councillor is looking at names to call the road which incorporates the Cornish language.


Letter   Asking on behalf of Menheniot School Association for a donation towards the purchase of new laptops for the school.   A discussion followed regarding the community benefit allocated from the Trethawle wind turbine.

A councillor to find out more about the funding required.

Invite   From Cruise Bereavement Care to their A G M on 17th July.   It was agreed to send a donation.

Letter    From 42 Commando Royal Marines thanking the whole Menheniot Community for the support offered on their leg on the Royal Marine 1664 Challenge.  A copy of the letter to be put on the notice board and Parish website.

Letter   From Menheniot Playgroup requesting funding for the upkeep and maintenance of the Living Willow Area in the Cricket Field.  The Parish Clerk to write to the Playgroup to get information about costs.

Letter   From Sheryll Murray M P regarding the consultation of the future franchise of Great Western for the train services.

Letter   From Menheniot Looe Cricket Clubrequesting a donation for the upkeep and maintenance of the Village Cricket Club.  The Parish Clerk to write to the Cricket Club for information about costs.

Letter   of thanks from Menheniot Parochial Church Council thanking the Parish Council for their donation toward the upkeep of the graveyard and paths.   This prompted a discussion about parking on the green tarmac


Planning Working Party   PA14/04338 Construction of new valeting building Castle Motors.   PA14/04878 Incorporation of solar panels to roof North Treviddo Barn.   PA14/04673 Alterations and extension Oakleigh Cottage Tregondale.   The Parish Council supported these three applications.   PA14/04867 Two storey extension to Premier Inn.   The Parish Council supported this application in general but wanted it noted the concerns raised over reduction in parking and that provision should be made for this.

Parish Paths Working Party a meeting to be arranged regarding strimming.

Other Agenda Items

Chairman’s Agenda Items.

St Neot Football Club   St Neot Football Club has requested the use of the football pitch.   The Parish Council agreed to this.

Parking at Factory Cottages   After residents request the company in charge of the sewerage treatment works request permission to improve the parking area on the other side of the river.   This had been agreed by the Parish Council.

Road Closure   A councillor expressed concerns over the signage for the road closure between Menheniot and Tencreek; also there is incorrect spelling on the signs.

Salt Bins   It was proposed that the Parish Council get a quote from CORMAC to refill the salt bins or source the salt themselves and get a contractor to top up the salt bins.

Recreation Field Hedge   The hedge has not been trimmed for several years, the Chairman to obtain quotes.

Public Toilets   It has been requested that the toilets be painted inside and out.   A councillor asked if the roof could also be checked.   Quotes to be obtained.

Tencreek Housing Development   The Chairman made reference to previous emails regarding these plans ( Now with drawn due to the principle developer being seriously ill.) The Chairman to arrange a meeting to involve the Senior Development Officer from CC and to discuss implications with regard to our Neighbourhood Plan and Liskeard Town Council.

Members Agenda Items

Building Concerns   Concerns have been raised over the roof and safety of the building opposite the old Police Station, East Road.   The County Councillor to report this to Cornwall Council

Match Funding   It was agreed that requests for donations should be match funded as this would mean more of the community benefits received could be spread over more projects.

Councillor Resignation   A letter of resignation has been received from a councillor.   The reasons for the resignation were understood and recognised.   A letter of thanks and a gift will be sent from the Parish Council.   Advert for a new councillor will be placed on notice boards and on the Parish website.

Date of next meeting 

Thursday 10th July 2014.   The Old School Menheniot at 7.30 pm.

Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings they can speak. If they wish, during public participation