Report of Parish Council Meeting 24th April 2014

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Present:    Eight Councillors   Four Apologies.   Parish Clerk

Declaration of Members Interest    No declaration of members interests

Public Participation    two members of the general public were present.   The chairman of the Parish Plan Group gave a report, the issue of the drainage for the Holy Well was discussed, a member of the public suggested the dowsing technique and offered his services if it was decided to pursue this method.

Matters arising from the minutes 

Bus Routes   an announcement will be made on 28th April with regard to the service.   The Saturday service resumes on 1st June 2014.

Neighbourhood and Localism Act   a councillor is researching a letter drop, a sample questionnaire was shown, volunteers were asked for to do the letter drop.   Questionnaires would be returned to a drop site.  Another consideration would be to have an online questionnaire and the chairman suggested that the Parish Council have a dedicated website, councillors voted and agreed.    An application will be made for a Neighbourhood Plan Grant.

Poppies for 100th Anniversary World War One   lots of poppy seeds have been planted and a councillor has offered to water the poppies by the war memorial.

Tennis Court Extension   the supplementary lease agreement has been drawn up and will be signed after the meeting.

Playground Inspection   the ROSPA inspection has taken place at Menheniot and Merrymeet play areas.  Good feedback was received with a few cautionary advisory notes.   At the site visit to Merrymeet it was noted that the bank was damaged, this was due to the construction of the site and possibly could affect the trees.   An arborist report stated that some trees would need to be removed also some pruning needed to be done.   Quotes will be obtained for the work to be done.

Tree Inspections   the Parish Councilnow own the trees in the park area ofMerrymeet and Council have been informed by a member of the general public that the trees are in need of urgent attention.   The chairman has requested a tree inspection which will decide the action needed, he will get three quotes together and get the work done urgently.    A discussion took place about the trees in Menheniot.    In the recreation field there are two oak trees and a tree stump, the trees by the tennis courts will be removed when the extension is done.   A councillor has offered to sort out the tree guards on the village green.   A new St George Flag needs to be sourced.   On the 6th June Royal Marines will be running through Menheniot on route from London to Penzance.  Menheniot School will be involved and it was suggested that flags and bunting be displayed.   It was asked if authority could be given for the White Ensign to be flown.

William Laundry Close   it was asked if street names need to be in Cornish.  One name was put forward; this is to be carried forward for more suggestions.


Letter   from Cornwall Association of Local Councils regarding renewal of membership,   It was agreed to renew.

Letter    from EDF informing of price increase.  This to be investigated further prior to next meeting

Notice   of European Parliamentary Election 22nd May.   This notice is displayed on the notice board.

Letter   from Prydis offering a fee protection service for the Parish Council in the event of an HMRC investigation.

The clerk to look into this further to ascertain costs etc.

Letter   from Cornwall Council regarding the review of Polling Districts, and Polling Places.   The clerk to respond

saying that Council do not suggest any changes for the Menheniot Parish Council District.

Letter   from Cruise Bereavement Care requesting a donation.   The clerk to check when the last donation was given.

Correspondence  from Sheryll Murray regarding an ITV programme called Peoples Millions 2014, which looks at community projects looking for funding from the Big Lottery Fund, it is a competition based on the public vote.   It was suggested that this information be passed to the chairman of the Parish Plan Group.

Zurich insurance submitted their renewal for the Parish Council.  It was agreed to renew with Zurich again.


Planning Working Party   E-mail received from a company offering planning advice.   The chairman to get quotes.

The local press has been in contact with the clerk and the chairman regarding the proposed transit traveller site at Horning Tops, neither had commented as the application has not been submitted.    An email was read out from a parishioner regarding the proposed wind turbine at Doddycross, this e mail will be sent to Mosscliff the company installing the turbine.  The community benefits for the wind turbine at Trethawle were discussed, the Parish Council had not received anything.   It appeared that the benefit recipients were decided between the land owners and the installation company.  The County Councillor to investigate.

Other Agenda Items

Member’s Agenda Items

Holy Well   a councillor asked who owned the Holy Well as Council may need to ask permission prior to the proposed work being done.   Inquiries will be made and if need the Land Registry will be contacted.

Highways     it was mentionedthat highways need to be informed of the state of repair of the road from the A38 through Roseland to Menheniot.

Public Toilets  it was requested that at the next budget meeting the need for the painting of the public toilets be considered.

Mine Hill   comments were made aboutthe appearance of the bank at Mine Hill.    The chairman to contact White Rose for the grass to be cut

Property    comments were made about a couple of properties in and around Menheniot, their general appearance and disrepair.  To be monitored.

“Have Your Say” meeting   a councillor attended this meeting and reported back.   Local projects can apply for trailers, tools etc from Community Partnerships to assist with their project.   There is continued concern regarding dogs not being kept on leads and under control.   Speed traps will be used to deter motorists from breaking speed limits.   Ten crimes had been reported locally.

Chairman’s  Agenda Items

Mine Hill Parking   A resident has raised concerns regarding the parking opposite his property on Mine Hill and subsequent damage due to vehicles not being able to get through easily.   The chairman will speak to Highways for a marking post.   There seems to be a general parking issue in the centre of Menheniot.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 15th May 2014.  The Old School Menheniot at 7.30 pm.

Members of the public are welcome at Parish Council meetings they can speak, if they wish, during public participation.