Community Safety


Issues of community safety in the parish are discussed at every council meeting. We will include items such as parking, speeding, dog fouling and anti-social behaviour. As a parish council, we have limited powers to enforce action, but we do act as a channel for residents complaints and concerns. Download this contact sheet for details of who best to contact in the policing community.

Liskeard Police Monthly Report

The Neighbourhood Beat Team (which includes our parish) produce a monthly report of crime figures and other community safety information. Latest version is available here for Minutes 03 Oct 2016 and Crime Stats for the parish.

Community Safety Report

The parish produces an occasional bulletin to bring together various topics that have been discussed at council meetings. Latest crime figures available May 2016.

Menheniot Primary School

The school has been working with the parish council to address issues in the locality regarding speeding and dog fouling. This piece in the Cornish Times on 12 February 2016 tells you more.