Planning: your questions answered
For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the parish council has put special arrangements in place to ensure that the business of the council may continue. There will be no public meetings of the council in The Old School. However, it is now possible to meet the legal requirements of a public meeting by holding a telephone conference call. Please view the latest agenda to see how you can participate. The timetable for monthly meetings will be retained and the council will continue to provide a service to residents and developers who wish to male planning applications. [9/7/20]
This explainer sets out how people wanting to comment on planning matters can do so. We will post details of any applications we receive here, and set out the timetable for decision making.[31/3/20]
Is Cornwall Council’s Planning Service still operating?
Yes. As the lockdown continues they are working to keep the Planning Service operating effectively in the face of unprecedented challenges. They are continuing to respond and bring forward different ways of working as quickly as possible. Read more here [1/6/20]

Current Planning Applications
The parish council will be agreeing its next response to planning applications at its virtual meeting on 17 September 2020. Details will be posted below. [24/8/20]
Details Link to planning website Deadline for comments

Temporary scaling down of planning services
Cornwall Council has announced changes in the way that planning applications are advertised. Read their decision notice here, and bookmark this page for details of all Menheniot planning applications that will be posted on this page as we receive them. [20/4/20]
Cornwall Council Planning Department are restricting the publicity they have on planning applications and changing the way that planning enforcement operates. Read more here. [3/4/20]


WEEKLY SUMMARY OF PLANNING APPLICATIONS IN MENHENIOT Our Weekly Planning Report is published here every Friday. It contains brief details of every application, decision and appeal that has been made by Cornwall Council.

WPR 04 Sep 2020  WPR 11 Sep 2020  WPR 18 Sep 2020
WPR 07 Aug 2020  WPR 14-21 Aug 2020  WPR 28 Aug 2020
WPR 17 Jul 2020  WPR 24 Jul 2020  WPR 31 Jul 2020
WPR 26 Jun 2020  WPR 03 Jul 2020  WPR 10 Jul 2020
WPR 05 Jun 2020  WPR 12 Jun 2020  WPR 19 Jun 2020


The Parish Council welcomes questions and comments from residents and planning applicants on all aspects of its decision making.

If you are a resident

The notes below may help you understand what the council can and cannot do when it receives a planning application.

If you are an applicant

If you intend to submit a planning application that could impact on the parish (this means that your development may not be in the parish itself but would affect our residents), then you are invited to consult with us prior to submitting your application to Cornwall Council. There are important documents listed at the end of this page.

I want to comment on a planning application

If you are affected by any of the applications in the parish, you can comment directly to Cornwall Council and their Planning & Enterprise Service. Follow this link to their website for advice.

I want to talk to my councillor about a planning application

If you want to speak to your parish councillor about a planning matter (this could be about an application or something that has gone wrong), you can contact them by speaking to the parish clerk. You can phone him on 01579-342437 or by emailing.

If you prefer to speak to your Cornwall Councillor, his details are here.

Can I make comments to Menheniot Parish Council?

Yes. You can do this by attending the public meeting. We always publish an agenda showing what will be discussed at our meetings. The agenda is posted on the noticeboards in Menheniot and Merrymeet three days before the meeting takes place.

If you cannot attend the public meeting, phone the Clerk with any comments you have or email him beforehand. Anything you want to say will be heard by the councillors before they make their decision.

What can the parish council do?

The final decision on any planning matter is made by Cornwall Council, and not the parish council. The parish council must always be consulted by Cornwall Council, and it must agree an opinion at its public meeting. When it does, the parish council has to follow strict and legal rules about what matters when giving that opinion. It can only consider the effect that the planning proposal will have on the surrounding area and the people who live there.

What is the parish council unable to do?

It cannot take any account of what other people might think about the applicant. So if you are having a dispute with them or you think they have a bad reputation for something that has affected you, the councillors cannot use that information when making their decision. In the same way, councillors cannot refuse an application if you think the development will affect your property price or interfere with a view you have.

If something like this is affecting you, contact the planning officer at Cornwall Council who is handling the application and talk with them. If you need to know who the officer is, contact the parish clerk.

How do I get to know about planning applications in Menheniot?

You can have a list of new planning applications sent to you every week. Visit the Planning Portal of Cornwall Council and sign up for their Weekly Planning Report. It’s sent out on Friday morning and lists every planning application made in the previous seven days.

The Parish Council also produces a weekly summary of applications and decisions. They are listed at the top of this page. We post a printed copy on the noticeboard in Menheniot village. Follow us on Facebook for a reminder.


If you intend to make an application

These documents explain what this council’s commitment is to working with potential applicants in order to ensure a transparent and open dialogue that works in the best interests of all our stakeholders. The Pre-Application Protocol is now mainstreamed in Cornwall Council Planning, and was endorsed by Menheniot Parish Council on 21 February 2019.

Pre-application Protocol Agreement

This  Agreement sets out the actions that Menheniot Parish Council, Cornwall Council and Applicants will follow when advice is needed prior to the submission of a planning application.

Pre-application Protocol Guidance

This Guidance sets out specific guidance for our parish councillors and developers who wish to take part in pre-application consultations.