COVID-19 Information & Advice

This page has been created to provide up to date information for residents who may need support or advice on how to manage themselves during the current COVID-19 situation. It will be updated regularly and link to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  If you have questions about the continuing work of Cornwall Council, you can email them at Regular updates from Cornwall Council can be found here. [31/3/20]


We have updated information from the three main surgeries (Rosedean, Oaktree and Quay Lane) that serve our residents. Download new information here about prescriptions and delivery. You must wear a face covering when visiting Rosedean & Quay Lane Surgeries from Tuesday 26 May 2020.

If Menheniot residents need assistance in collecting scripts from their home or having medicine delivered, please call 01579-342437 seven days a week.



From Liskeard Town Council

This is a current listing of food shops and services here in Liskeard and the surrounding area (including Menheniot) giving their opening hours, what they are selling, contact details and delivery information. [13/6/20] If you have any information we can add to it or if something needs updating, please email the Clerk’s Office [17/4/20]

Advice & support

If you know someone who is suffering during self-isolation, there are ways to support them and yourself through this period. The NFU in Menheniot and Liskeard Young Farmers are on hand to help you. Our updated list can be found here. [18/5/20]

Our listing is of national organisations that offer telephone counselling and mental health advice services. You can also get the contact numbers of the Rev Chloe Jones (Methodist Church at Menheniot) and Rev Becca Bell (St Lalluwys Menheniot) who are happy to take your calls. Download the updated listing here. [18/5/20]

Parish Council

Closure of playgrounds, toilets and outdoor gym

Please note that due to government restrictions to contain the spread of COVID-19, the playgrounds at Menheniot and Merrymeet and the outdoor gym at Menheniot are closed with immediate effect. We will be taping up the equipment and posting notices. This closure also includes other facilities provided by the Menheniot Sports Association. Please be respectful of the need for this action. Public toilets at East Road in Menheniot are now open. [12/5/20]