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Menheniot Parish Council

Agendas and Minutes Archive 2019

17/01/2019 Agenda Minutes, Sowenna Appeal Letter, Letter from resident William Laundry, Community Governance Review, Bank Dec 2018, Parish Precept 2019/20, GPDR Annual Audit Jan 2019

21/02/2019 Agenda Minutes, Bank Jan 2019, Briefing Note Pre App Protocol, Guiding principles for pre application discussions, Protocol for working together on pre-apps

21/03/2019 Agenda Minutes, Bank Feb 2019, Briefing Note Polling Places Review 2019, Briefing Note Community Governance Mar 2019, Liskeard Briefing Governance Review, Governance Review Option 1

18/04/2019 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved), Bank Mar 2019, Grant PCC Graveyard Maintenance, Grant Menheniot Playgroup, Donation Trelawney Road Garden, Allotment Survey Apr 2019, Merrymeet Play Area, Menheniot East Road Children's Playground, Community Governance Working Group Terms of Ref, Planning Partnership Nominations, Liskeard Boundary Proposals

09/05/2019 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda Minutes, Minutes of 10/5/18 Annual Parish Meeting

16/05/2019 Annual Meeting Agenda Minutes, Bank April 2019, Grants Review May 2019, Grant Review Survey Report 2019

20/06/2019 Agenda Minutes, Bank May 2019, New Information Signs for Menheniot Bus Shelter

10/07/2019 Extraordinary Meeting Agenda Minutes

15/07/2019 Extraordinary Meeting Agenda Minutes, Briefing Note Community Governance Jul 2019

18/07/2019 Agenda Minutes, Bank Jun 2019, Outturn Q1 Apr to Jun 2019

22/08/2019 Extraordinary Meeting Agenda Minutes

19/09/2019 Agenda Minutes, Bank August 2019, Standing Orders Sep 2019 draft, Menheniot Scouts Donation, Engagement & Media Policy Draft, Toilet Cleaner Job Description

17/10/2019 Agenda Minutes, Menheniot School Association Donation, Email about Climate Emergency, Bank Sep 2019, Outturn Q2 2019, Briefing Notes Procurement 2019, Tender Docuents Draft Oct 2019

21/11/2019 Agenda Minutes, Item 135E Street Trading Licence Application, Item 136C Bank Oct 2019, Item 136E BN Budge & Precept 2020/21, Item 136E Budget & Precept 2020 spreadsheet, Item 136G MSA Grant Assessment, Item 136H Procurement Ground Maintenance Intro, Item 139 Calendar of Meetings 2020