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Menheniot Parish Council

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Old School Hall Menheniot PL14 3QY (except for August and December). We start at 7.30pm, and usually finish about 9pm. Members of the public are welcome attend every public meeting and can speak, if they wish, during Public Participation. If you have a question for the councillors but cannot attend the meeting, please email the Clerk’s Office and it will be forwarded to them for an answer.

We publish the agenda of our public meetings at least three working days beforehand so you can see what we are discussing. Residents are always welcome to attend public meetings as observers or to take part. There’s no need to give notice, but if you are attending and want to comment on any of the items on the agenda or raise an issue with the councillors, time is set aside at the start of every meeting for you to speak.

We publish minutes of all our public meetings within two weeks of the meeting itself. Agendas and Minutes are listed below and can be downloaded as pdf files. They are also available from the Parish Clerk and are displayed on the parish noticeboards at Menheniot and Merrymeet.

16/11/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)131B Bank Oct 2023, 131C Briefing Grounds Maintenance, 131E Briefing Budget & Precept 2024, 131G Donation to Old School, 132C Parish Hall request for volunteer, 133B Civic Calendar 2024

19/10/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes117C Merrymeet Road Safety, 118B Bank Sep 2023, 118C Outturn Q2 Jul-Sep 2023, 118D Briefing Grasscutting Contract, 118E Donation request from Merrymeet RA

21/09/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes104D Email from Menheniot Sports Assn, 105A Annual Maintenance, 105A Request for donation, 106B Bank Reconciliation Aug 2023, 106C Donation to fireworks display, 106C Donation to Christmas event, 106C Donation to repair church wall, 107A Briefing Councillor Portfolios, 107D Briefing LCAS Quality application

20/07/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes90A Email from resident, 92B New bus services, 93B Bank June 2023, 93C Outturn Q1 2023, 93D Donation request, 94A Councillors Portfolios, 94C Menheniot Green Update

15/06/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School 7.30pm Agenda Minutes77A Card from KCIII, 80C Bank May 2023

18/05/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School 7.30pm Agenda Minutes65C Bank Reconciliation Apr 2023, 66A Briefing General Power of Competence, 66B Briefing Annual Audit 2023, 66B AGAR return 2022-23, 67A Menheniot Green Forward Plan 2023

18/05/2023 Annual Parish Meeting 7pm Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)Minutes of the APM 19 May 2022

20/04/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes49A Briefing EV Charging Points, 49B Part time street lighting, 51C Bank Reconciliation Mar 2023, 51D Outturn Q4 2023, 51F Community Grant Assessments, 52A Safeguarding Policy draft, 53A Cllr Cole Reports, 54A CC Consultation PSPO

16/03/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes36A Electric Vehicle Charging Point, 38C Bank Reconciliation Feb 2023, 37 Briefing Note Tencreek Design Review Panel, 38E Donation request from Merrymeet Residents Assn, 39E Part Street Lighting, 38D Briefing Note Coronation Fund, 40A Menheniot Green Report, 40A Coronation Celebrations Report

16/02/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes24C Bank Reconciliation, 24D Footpath Maintenance Offer 2023-24, 25A Mayor for Cornwall Response, 25C Highways Expressions of Interest, 25D Tree Inspection Report Jan 2023, 23E Application for Street Trading Licence, 26A Menheniot Green Report

19/01/2023 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes07A Letter of thanks from Citizens Advice Cornwall, 07B Email from resident about new grit bin, 10C Bank Reconciliation Dec 2022, 10D Outturn Q3 (Oct-Dec 2022), 10E Cornwall Local Maintenance Partnership 2023/24, 11A Mayor for Cornwall, 11B Safeguarding Briefing Note, 13A Community Governance Review

15/12/2022 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes120C Bank Reconciliation Nov 2022, 120D Budget & Precept Briefing 2023/24

17/11/2022 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes106A Menheniot Scout Group donation, 109C Bank Oct 2022, 109D Budget & Precept Briefing Note, 109F Menheniot Tennis Club Community Grant app, 111 Community Network Area consult, 111 Menheniot Green update, 111 Tencreek development discussion, 112B Civic Calendar 2023, 111 Community Network Area consult Exec Summary, 107B Briefing Note Weed control

20/10/2022 Public Meeting Menheniot Old School Agenda Minutes91A Menheniot Primary School CIL reuest, 91B Community Right to Buy, 92A Actions from Sep 2022 meeting, 94C Bank Sep 2022, 94D Outtirn Q2 Jul-Sep 2022, 95C Withdrawal of 77 bus service, 96A Cllr Adrian Cole Menheniot Green Report+

20/09/2022 Councillors Decisions Sep 2022 #1 Community Right to Buy, #2 MRA Reuquest for donation, #3 Reuqest to purchase bench, #4 PKF Littlejohn Audit appointment, #5 Quottaion for repairs to playground

15/09/2022 Meeting of Councillors Agenda Minutes

21/07/2022 Agenda Minutes77A Community Governance Review Email from CC, 79A Application for Street Trading Licence, 80C Bank Reconciliation 30 June 2022, 80D Financial Outturn Qtr 1 2022, 82A Menheniot Green Report, 83B Briefing Note New Website, 83C Briefing Note Clerks Delegation

16/06/2022 Agenda Minutes64A Email from St Cleer AFC, 66C Bank May 2022, 67B Cllr Responsibilities, 68A Briefing Note Sky Lanterns , 68A Briefing Note Community Energy

19/05/2022 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda MinutesMinutes 9 May 2019

19/05/2022 Agenda Minutes51A Donation Request Cherry Fayre, 53C Bank Apr 2022, 53D Outturn Q4 Jan-Mar 2022, 53 Quotation for Insurance Renewal , 54B Briefing Renewing the General Power of Compete, 54C Briefing Annual Audit , 54D Cllr Responsibilities, 55A RoSPA Report Merrymeet Play Area, 55B Briefing Engagement Policy Refresh

21/04/2022 Agenda MinutesEmail from Cornwall Hospice Care, Letter from Menheniot Looe Cricket Club , Bank Mar 2022

17/03/2022 Agenda Minutes22A Morval NDP Consultee Notification Letter , 23C Bank Feb 2022 , 23D Local Maintenance Partnership 2022/23, 25A Menheniot Green Meeting Notes 3 Mar 2022

17/02/2022 Agenda Minutes6A Air Ambulance Donation , 6B Merrymeet RA Donation, Bank Nov 2021, 8C Bank Jan 2022 | 8D Outturn Q3 Oct-Dec 2021 , 8D Outturn Q3 Oct-Dec 2021 , 9E MPC MSA Lease Draft Feb 2022 , 9F CNA Highways Guidance & EOI , 9G ToR Draft Tencreek Development Working Group , 9H ToR Draft Boundary Review Working Group

20/01/2022 Bank Nov 2021

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