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Menheniot Parish Council

Agendas and Minutes Archive 2021

21/01/2021 Agenda Minutes, 07A Letter from Butterfly Trust , 07B Letter from Primary School , 07C Letter from Scout Group , 07D Letter about Census 2021, 07E Letter about dog mess, 09C Bank Dec 2020 , 09D Outturn Q3 2020, 12A Financial Rick Assessment draft, 12A Training Policy draft, 12B Code of Conduct review draft

18/02/2021 Agenda Minutes, Mine Hill Menheniot Speeding Survey Jan 2021 , Briefing Dog Fouling, Appendix 1, Bank Jan 2021

18/03/2021 Agenda Minutes, 33 From Cornwall Womens Centre , 33 Dog Fouling Mar 2021, 34A Letter from Wildanet , 34B Letter from Ian Maddever, 34C Letter from Menheniot Tennis Club, 36C Bank Feb 2021

15/04/2021 Agenda Minutes, Bank Mar 2021 EoY , 50D Outturn Q4 2021 , 50E St Lalluwys Burial Ground Grant Assessment , 50E Cherry Fayre Grant Assessment , 51B Climate Change Policies, 53B Public meetings updated

29/04/2021 Extraordinary Meeting Agenda Minutes

20/05/2021 Agenda Minutes, 62 Briefing Note Annual Audit , Annual Audit not signed , 63 Briefing Note General Power of Competence , 64 Bank Apr 2021, 66 Briefing Note Real life meetings

27/05/2021 Planning Meeting Agenda , Planning Meeting Notes 27 May 2021

15/07/2021 Agenda Minutes, 74A Email from Sports Association donation, 74B Letter from Liskeard & Looe Rotary, 74C Email from PKF Littlejohn auditors, 74D Landmark Trees Application Guidance 2021 , 74E Email from Cornwall Cllr Barry Jordan , 75 Planning Reports , Bank May 2021, 76C Bank Jun 2021 , 76D Outturn Q1 2021, 77C Councillor Responsibilities

15/07/2021 Reports , 78A Climate Change Policy Commitments , 78C Fingerposts location, 79B CIL Letter explanation , 79B CIL Agreement to Accept Funding

16/09/2021 Agenda Minutes, 87A Email requesting Merrymeet donation , 87B Email from Community Governance Review Team, 88E Email from Pollard Architectural , Bank Aug 2021 , 90H Parish Hall donation, 91B Community Emergency Plan Briefing , 92A Briefing Note Code of Conduct , Code of Conduct draft Sep 2021

21/10/2021 Agenda Minutes, 100A Menheniot Scout Group , 100B Menheniot Primary School, 102C Bank Sep 2021 , 102D Outturn Q2 2021, 103E Network Area Priorities , 104A Briefing Note Tackling climate change Oct 20, 104B Briefing Notes Ground Maintenance Oct 2021 , 104B Ground Maintenance draft

18/11/2021 Agenda Minutes, 114C Bank Oct 2021, 114D Briefing Note Budget & Precept 2022, 114D Briefing Note Supplement Climate Change Budge, 115E Council Meetings 2022, 116A Ground Maintenance Contract 2022 , 116B Briefing Note Allotments Tenancy , 116C Emergency Plan v5 2021 , 116C Emergency Plan Support Document v5

30/11/2021 Agenda Minutes, 125A Briefing Note Supplement Climate Change Budge