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Menheniot Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings Archive 2019

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Old School Hall Menheniot PL14 3QY (except for August and December). We start at 7pm, and usually finish about 9pm. Members of the public are welcome attend every public meeting and can speak, if they wish, during Public Participation. If you have a question for the councillors but cannot attend the meeting, please email the Clerk’s Office and it will be forwarded to them for an answer.

We publish the agenda of our public meetings at least three working days beforehand so you can see what we are discussing. Residents are always welcome to attend public meetings as observers or to take part. There’s no need to give notice, but if you are attending and want to comment on any of the items on the agenda or raise an issue with the councillors, time is set aside at the start of every meeting for you to speak.

We publish minutes of all our public meetings within two weeks of the meeting itself. Agendas and Minutes are listed below and can be downloaded as pdf files. They are also available from the Parish Clerk and are displayed on the parish noticeboards at Menheniot, Merrymeet, Pengover Green, Lower Clicker, Island Shop and Doddycross.

Date Comment Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
17/01/2019  AgendaMinutesDocuments
21/02/2019  AgendaMinutesDocuments
21/03/2019  AgendaMinutesDocuments
18/04/2019  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)Documents
09/05/2019Annual Parish Meeting  AgendaMinutesDocuments
16/05/2019Annual Meeting  AgendaMinutesDocuments
20/06/2019  AgendaMinutesDocuments
10/07/2019Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
15/07/2019Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutesDocuments
18/07/2019  AgendaMinutesDocuments
22/08/2019Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
19/09/2019  AgendaMinutesDocuments
17/10/2019  AgendaMinutesDocuments
21/11/2019  AgendaMinutesDocuments

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