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Menheniot Parish Council


Tencreek Farm | Parish Council's Decision not to support this application April 2024

At their public meeting held on 18 April 2024, councillors agreed not to support the planning application for 202 homes on the development site at Tencreek Farm. The parish’s decision and reasoning is advisory and the final decision on the application will be made by Cornwall Council’s Planning Officers.

If you have comments to make on any aspect of the application, please post your comments on Cornwall Council’s Planning Portal. Search online for ‘Cornwall online planning register’

Tencreek decision explainer

22nd April 2024

SE Cornwall Economic Development Group

Your parish council is a member of the South East Cornwall Community Area Partnership, a Cornwall Council managed group. The ED Group meets quarterly to scrutinise economic development strategies across the area and act as a critical friend to Cornwall Council.

You can view and download minutes and reports below.

ED Meeting Notes 23 Jan 2024

ED Meeting Notes 26 Mar 2024

16th April 2024

Menheniot Neighbourhood Plan | Design Guide

If you're planning or thinking about a planning application, you need to take account of the design principles listed in the Design Guide. Your architect or agent is best placed to interpret the guide and apply it to your proposal.

Menheniot Design Guide (pdf)

Menheniot Neighbourhood Plan: Now adopted at referendum.

Following a successful referendum on 7 April 2022, planning officers will now reference the plan and adopted policies when giving advice or making recommendations If you intend to submit a planning application to Cornwall Council now, you are advised to consult the plan and seek guidance where it might impact on your proposal. You can view the final copy of the plan using the link below (large document).

Menheniot Neighbourhood Plan

14th April 2022

Information for Residents

The Parish Council welcomes questions and comments from residents on all aspects of its decision making. If you are a resident, our full report (see link below) may help you understand what the council can and cannot do when it receives a planning application.

View full report ››

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How planning decisions are made

Planning decisions are made by Cornwall Council Planning Officers according to the polices set out in the Cornwall Local Plan. The final decision on any planning matter is made by Cornwall Council, and not the parish council. The Parish Council must always be consulted by Cornwall Council, and it must agree an opinion at its public meeting. When it does, the Parish Council has to follow strict and legal rules about what matters when giving that opinion. It can only consider the effect that the planning proposal will have on the surrounding area and the people who live there.

You can view a weekly summary of planning applications submitted and decisions made in the parish listed above.