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Menheniot Green

Fuel Comparison Costs

As winter approaches, OFTEC (a trade association for installers of heating) produce a regular cost comparison to help you decide which is the most efficient fuel to use in your home. This chart shows the costs for an annual space and water heating requirement of approximately 16,000kWh, which is what might be expected for a typical three bedroomed semi-detached house. Many factors will affect how much heat is needed for your home, so these figures are provided for guidance only, and will probably not reflect exactly what you might use in your own home. However, they do provide a basis for meaningful comparisons to be made.

Cost Comparison Table

18th October 2023

Review of 2022 and plans for 2023

Cllr Adrian Cole presented his review and plans for Menheniot Green at the council's annual meeting on 18 May 2023. Follow the link below to view and download.

If you have a project idea yourself, read our quick guide and contact the Clerk's Office.

2022 Review & 2023 Plans

Your Green Project Guide

22nd May 2023

Residents’ Survey September 2021

The survey we conducted during September to get your views on the council’s ground maintenance has now closed and the report is available to view and download below. The key points coming out of the survey are set out in our full report.

View full report ››

Ground Maintenance Survey Report (pdf)

8th October 2021

Our first newsletter from Menheniot Green

Volunteers at Menheniot Green have produced this first newsletter full of good ideas ranging from poo-posters to farmers markets. Copies will be delivered to every household in the parish in the coming week. If you haven’t received yours, download a copy using the link below or contact the Clerk’s Office on 01579 342437.

Menheniot Green Summer 2021 Newsletter (pdf)

4th August 2021

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What is Menheniot Green?

As part of its response to the challenge of climate change in Menheniot, Parish Councillors have set up a working group called Menheniot Green. A working group is a semi-independent group that includes both councillors and residents. It works informally outside of the council structures, but has a direct reporting line at every public meeting.


The group is set up to mitigate the effects of climate change and improve the environment in the parish. It will do this by carrying out tasks and other project work. It will achieve this by working with its diverse communities, stakeholders and other supportive people.


Menheniot Green has no general membership scheme. Residents do not ‘join’ but are encouraged to ‘join-in’ with practical help and support.


Management of the group will be the responsibility of the Chair, whose function will be served by two people – one Parish Councillor and one resident. The Parish Councillor will deliver progress reports to the Parish Council at their public meeting. Meetings of the group and its volunteers will take place on an ‘as required’ basis without formal notice.


The group will be administered by the parish clerk with a limit of 30 minutes per week (2 hours per month)

Like to know more?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the council’s work on climate change or would like to work with Menheniot Green, leave your contact details with us and we’ll keep you in the loop.